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Aug 12, 2016 |

It is an asset if a certain company, organization or institution has their specific symbol. It is not only just a symbol, but also tangible thing which represents them. Every organization around the world has a symbol of their own. This symbol gives them the opportunity to show that they are properly organized and have values of their own. This symbol can be in the form of a badge, a tattoo on body parts, and many more. One of the common symbols of being a member in a certain group is the challenge coin.

Challenge-CoinAccording to Mental Floss, a challenge coin is around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, and about 1/10-inch thick, but the styles and sizes vary wildly. Some unusual shapes are pentagon, dog tags, arrowheads and shields. Moreover, according to them, the challenge coin is generally made of pewter, copper or nickel with various finishes available like gold plated and silver plated coins.

The history of challenge coins is unknown, but it has been said that it originated from Ancient Rome, where soldiers are being rewarded because of their victory in the battle. The military service at that time is giving them challenge coins as a reward bonus aside from their salaries.

If you belong to an organization or corporation, you may consider challenge coin as a symbol of your membership. There are many companies that make challenge coins for an institution or company.

You may consider in this matter. We are a company, which offers services in making custom challenge coins. You may visit our site to know more about our products and services.

If your company is looking for a challenge coin maker, you must consider several important factors. One of these factors is if the coin maker can provide free artwork and design of custom coins. Hiring a designer of the coin requires a budget, but some coin makers provide free artwork and design. One of them is We provide free artwork for whatever design you would like to put in your challenge coins.

Aside from free artwork, we also offer you the digital design of your custom coins. It can help you decide more regarding the right colors, shading and shape of the coins before making the final order. You may fill up the form on our site so we may get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can have a free quote today if you signed up.

Custom CoinsAnother thing you must consider regarding custom challenge coins is client feedback. Though it is not one of the priorities, it is still relevant when it comes to choosing the right coin maker. Good reviews of previous clients can really affect the decision of the future clientele. If the maker is excellent in making custom coins, its previous clients will give better rates and reviews.

You can do some research on the internet about the coin maker company. Know their processes, price offerings and many more things related to your plan in picking their company to make your custom coins. We at continue to receive good reviews from our clients.

Choose a challenge coin provider, which offers several choices when it comes to styles, colors, types, shapes, etc. Your personal needs about challenge coins must be prioritized. The appearance of the custom coins will depend on your personal or the organization’s needs. Different companies offer various styles, cut edges and other coin options. Regarding the style, you can choose from polished metals, antique and dual tone.

The cut edges are also important because these can make your custom coins produce an elegant look. The other challenge coin options may include the 3D designs, coatings, cutouts, coin shapes, engravings, and coin attachments. can accommodate all these things. We provides lots of choices. We have a lot of offerings like bottle opener with custom coins, epoxy coatings, engraved texts and many more. Visit our site to know more about our products and services.

The custom challenge coin needs packaging if you want to give it to another person as a token of appreciation or reward. It may packed within a presentation box, capsule, coin stand, pouch, velvet bag, etc. has all these kinds of packaging’s. To see more of the actual picture of the packaging’s, check our website and click on the options provided.

The custom challenge coin is helpful in defining the symbol of your organization. It definitely serves as your membership in a certain group, especially if the institution you belong has good moral values that you should be proud of. It may also serve as a reward for every accomplished act of your members.

Golf Drivers For Women

Jul 11, 2016 |

A female golfer’s standard club set is composed of 12-14 clubs for a single round of golf. Nevertheless, before deciding on those final clubs, you should first be aware of her own personal experience , swing strength and measurements so that you will make a truly informed decision.

Here are a few guidelines that you can use in building the perfect golf club set for yourself or for any aspirant female golfer.

Start with the Basics

In order to give yourself greater options as well as greater odds of easily adapting to different situations, you should ensure that you have the most basic clubs included in your golfing arsenal. Ideally, you should have a putter, 2 wedges, 3 woods, and seven irons in your golf set.

The woods in your set are the 3-wood, 5-wood, and the golf drivers. Meanwhile, the irons set is composed of the 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron. Finally, you should also have a sand wedge and a pitching wedge as well as the putter, of course. Click here for more information about Golf Drivers.

Measure yourself

The next step in finding the right clubs is determining your personal measurements or those of your intended recipient. After all, height is of particular importance when it comes to the finding the best club length.

Golf43 inches would be the average length for golf drivers for a woman standing at 5 feet and 9 inches. Therefore, it follows that you should either add or subtract one inch from the driver length for every inch taller or shorter that you are than the standard woman’s height. Likewise, you should also add or subtract half an inch from the various irons, wedges, and woods in order to discern their correct lengths.

Consider a Hybrid

For most women nowadays, the standard set of long irons might seem unnecessary. After all, not only are they an added expense, they already have hybrid counterparts available that are better suited for female golfers in particular. A single hybrid club can already replace 3-4 long irons. Likewise, a hybrid is much easier to manage and easier to swing than a typical long iron.

Know your Swing Speed

Compared to men, most women are typically shorter and have much slower swing speeds. For that reason, you will have to be more discerning regarding the specifications of your irons, golf drivers, putters, and other golf equipment. Women with considerably higher swing speeds can already settle for a 3-wood or 7-wood. Conversely, those with particularly slow swing speeds below 60 miles per hour should invest in titanium golf clubs that offer greater loft.

Golf driversThe ideal loft angles for slow hitters are 16 degrees for your 3-wood and 14 degrees for your golf drivers. However, you also have the option of replacing your 3-wood with higher odd-numbered woods such as a 7-wood or a 9-wood.

Additionally, a more flexible shaft will allow you to achieve greater trajectory despite your slow swing speed. The less flexible shafts are often used by golfers with naturally faster swing speeds who can already manipulate them to achieve longer distances.

Know your tools

Golf ClubGenerally, less experienced golfers with weaker swings will benefit from the aid of the longer 7-iron. Meanwhile, women golfers with stronger swings can make do with a 5-iron. If you fall into the former category, you should consider a purchasing an iron with a rounder and wider sole with an added weight in order to compensate for your swing speed.

On the other hand, the two wedges in your golf set must fit different criteria in order for them to function to their full capacity. The sand wedge should have a minimum loft angle of 56 degrees. Meanwhile, the loft angle of the pitching wedge can be compared to the 9-iron and measure at least 4 degrees more at the minimum.

Patches As Promotional Items

Jul 4, 2016 |

There are different forms of advertising a product. Marketing can use all forms of acts to promote a product or a service. Part of promoting a product or a brand is by giving away promotional items.

Promotional items are just ordinary items we see daily but they have been marked with the name of a company, a brand or program that they represent. One of the commonly used promotional items are patches.

We often see clothing items, bags, caps and other items with a patch representing a company or brand.

Advertising companies often use a patch to promote a product for the following reasons.


When it comes to marketing, not everything has to be expensive. You should just be able to find something that is reasonable for its price yet is still able to positively promote your brand.

A patch is an effective tool of promoting a product yet it does not cost that much. A patch can be used in different items, which means that a company can other uses for them. You can place a bulk order for them and give them out as is or you can put them on something else before you give them out.

People will still appreciate getting a patch because they can still find a use for them. They can sew them on any item they want them on whereas you really cannot give out prints to people not unless you put them something else like a shirt.


Patches are attractive to look at and then can easily capture the attention of other people. It is for this reason that a patch is an effective promotional item.

The fact that a patch can easily grab the attention of people, this means that the more people see them the more chances of gaining additional clients.

They are very colorful and stylish which is why people are drawn to them. They are fashionable and people to use them because they can serve as an embellishment on different items.

Easy to Use

The use of a patch is not complicated. Anyone can place a patch on an item by stitching, sewing it on, or using a glue gun to put it on an item.


In most cases though, patch is sewn to an item because it normally lasts long if it is done that way and it easy to remove if it has to be adjusted or transferred to another item. The use of other forms of adhesive to put it on an item, like using a glue gun, it makes it hard if not impossible to remove it. If ever it is removed successfully, they normally create huge damage on the item.

Therefore, the safest way of placing a patch is by sewing or stitching it on. It can either be sewn manually or using a machine.


Patches can last for a long time. Our patch is made from high quality materials and they could last for ages. Therefore, when you put it on something they will stay that way not unless you take them off.

This makes them perfect for advertisement because if you are promoting your brand, the items that use represent your brand. If you use cheap and poorly made promotional items, it might backfire on you.

By using poorly made promotional items, you might not get a good impression or review from people. Instead of you gaining advocates or supporters, you might end up acquiring detractors.

This will never happen though if you use a patch because it tends to endure constant and daily use and therefore it lasts longer.

Never go out of Style

Patches had been around for a very long time and we do not think that they are going anywhere else. People will always have a need for them. They will always be part of our daily lives.

Iron On Patches

A patch created a decade ago can still be used today. They are very versatile and fashionable.

People will still continue to use them for a very long time. We do not think that anything is changing soon.

Easy to Find

Patches are everywhere, you can find them in your local shops, or you can shop for them online. We have an online store and we get orders from clients from different places. This means that you do not even have to go out of your house to place an order for a patch.

The last thing that you want in marketing is to give away items that are difficult to source because that will be time consuming and probably even more expensive.

Custom embroidered patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. Patches are all around, you can discover them in your nearby shops, or you can look for them on the web.

What is a Keynote Speaker? Confusion by Many People Solved!

May 27, 2016 |

When somebody says “I want a Keynote Speaker for my event,” generally speaking, it is just about hiring someone who can stand in front of an audience who would listen to him talk for about half an hour or so. It will absolutely cost money. But what does it really mean when you want a Keynote Speaker? What does it take and what will be the effects of hiring one? Would it change the perspective of many people or will it only be just a waste of time and money for their part?

A Keynote Speaker is often mistaken by people to be the same as that of what motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, industry expert, and business speakers do. Any of those aforementioned can be a keynote speaker actually. But most of these cannot be done by a keynote speaker.

speakerMost people think that their real job is to just stand up on the podium above stage, stay there for about 45 minutes to an hour, and talk about a certain topic. But of course, a keynote speaker should be extremely knowledgeable about the topics he will be discussing in front a huge group of people very well.

A keynote speaker should spend a good amount of time to research about the industry, the company, the issues and the audience of the event. After religiously researching the whole thing, he should come up with a great presentation and establish a unique moment with the audience. He could use funny clips, humor, or can he even sing for the listeners. Choosing a great speaker should be totally done with care to never put your audience’s time and effort into waste.

“What was the real sense of hiring a keynote speaker?” A Keynote Speaker should be one that motivates, encourages, and changes the minds of people in a good way, and to persuade them to something they have never known and explored before. Most companies, industries, a group of professionals, executives and organizations aim for development and change. If they want a meaningful turn in their life or if they want to be inspired about how some people was given a new perspective in life, then a keynote speaker would be a great solution to get the message. People can get information around the net, but it has more sense if people will get an inspiration from a human’s success stories and strategies in surviving life’s greatest difficulties.


It is hard for the speaker’s part to persuade the listeners to do something or to take action after hearing his thoughts and messages. But a great keynote speaker would not give up in one occasion. He would rather do it around the globe and inspire more people to change. No one can actually force someone to do some actions, but the right speaker with his great motivational magic and tools can move someone into fulfilling their dreams of changing their world. A speaker is not only standing in front of them to show how to make a great shift in their lives, they also inspire people how to do it well.

But someone cannot expect that in a quick talk that lasts for only an hour or more could already solve the problem. It will never be enough for one keynote speech to resolve the situation. Still, a great speech from a keynote speaker can move its listeners to make a change.  New ideas, examples and inspirations about why the whole need for the change is important is given on motivational-speaker-success.

Custom Neck Lanyards – Types To Consider

May 19, 2016 |

Custom neck lanyards are also known as imprinted lanyards because they are customized using different printing methods. When customizing lanyards, one must consider the material, printing method, and hardware attachment to be used.

There are different types of materials used in making lanyards.:

These materials differ from each other according to their cost and durability. One may choose from a natural material or a synthetic one. Neck lanyard materials include cord, nylon, cotton, and polyester twill.

Custom LanyardsA cord that is used in making a neck lanyard is primarily made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. Typical cord size available is 4.76 mm wide with a solid core. The cord is hot cut to 91.44 cm or 36 inches length creating a final length of 44.45 cm or 17.5 inches. Cords are the most basic material for lanyards and are usually available in plain form or with a customized design. A metal crimp is applied to the end of a cord to form the loop that goes around the neck. This also produces the smaller loop at the bottom where the object to be held is placed with the use of a hardware attachment.

Another type of material for neck lanyards is nylon. Nylon lanyards are usually sold in 9.52 mm or 19.05 mm widths. Like a cord, nylon lanyards are hot cut to 91.44 cm or 36 inches length producing a finished a 17.5 inches finished length. Nylon lanyards are commonly available in their woven form which is proven not only to be durable but also comfortable to wear. They are typically sold blank or with a single color imprint. Nylon lanyards are stitched at the bottom with the use of an industrial sewing machine. This stitching, also called bar tack, secure both ends of the nylon together forming the main loop of the neck lanyard. A hardware attachment, such as a swivel hook, a split ring, or an alligator clip, is then placed at the bottom of the lanyard to complete its functionality.

Cotton is also used as material for making lanyards. Cotton lanyards have the same dimensions as that of a nylon lanyard, but custom lengths are also available. Metal crimp is used to produce a cotton lanyard. The two ends of the material are placed together inside the crimp. The crimp is tightened to secure both ends and form the main loop. A choice of hardware is then attached to complete the neck lanyard. Cotton lanyards are sold in their plain form or with a custom imprint.

Another type of synthetic material used in making lanyards is polyester twill. This material is comparable to cotton than nylon. It is sturdy and long lasting but still comfortable to wear. Neck lanyards made of polyester twill are imprinted with different designs with the use of either the hot stamp method or dye sublimation.

There are different types of printing for your custom made lanyards. These are hot stamping, screen printing, dye sublimation and woven fabric print.

Hot stamping is ideal for quick delivery lanyards. This type of printing is great for simpler logos and is often the choice for small quantities. Production for hot stamping takes 10-15 days with a minimum order of 50 pieces. Hot stamping is a perfect choice for those who have limited budget. There are different color combinations available. Metal plate pressure with heat is used to transfer the design into the fabric.

ID lanyardsScreen printing is good for medium quantity neck lanyard production. This is the most popular type of lanyard printing. It is used to print text and basic graphics or logo. This type of printing can be done through five day rush service. Screen printing uses fine mesh screen and ink. Pressure is applied to transfer the ink to the mesh then to the neck lanyard. Heat is applied to cure the ink into the fabric. This kind of printing makes excellent quality custom made neck lanyards.

Dye sublimation is used for more detailed logo printing. The production lead time for this kind of printing is the longest. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for a minimum order of 500 pieces. This is commonly the printing pf choice for high quality and stylish lanyards. The image or text produced in this kind of printing does not easily fade over time. Dye sublimation printing in neck lanyards comes in two easy steps, it starts by printing the design in paper with the use of dye sublimation inks. Heat and pressure is applied to the paper as it transfers to the neck lanyard’s material.

Woven fabric print is when the logo or text is woven into the fabric of the neck lanyard. Production for this kind of printing takes time.

Prohormone’s Mode of Action

Apr 11, 2016 |

ChemicalsProhormones are agents that are converted via cells’ enzymes to anabolic hormones but are done so in a lesser degree. These agents have similarities in regard to AAS or anabolic-androgenic steroids. Since these drugs are of testosterone, these promote muscular growth. Some of these agents contain steroid precursors, and also certain compounds, which bind with the enzymes to be converted to DHT or Dihydrotestoterone. DHT is a biologic metabolite of testosterone.

Androstenedione is one of the many agents that is, by nature, a steroid sex hormone secreted by the ovary or testis and adrenal cortex. It is also an inactive precursor of estrogen and testosterone. If it is so, then this drug does not mimic the innate androgen’s action in the body but instead strengthens the effects of the androgen.

Some of the prohormones like androstenediol and noradrostenediol potentiate androgen agonists as well as the actions of the testosterone in the body. Testosterones that do not convert to estrogen will induce the increase in muscle bulk and will harden the skeletal muscles in the body. All these part comes under uniquemicals.

Testosterone, which is produced by the testes, may be converted into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is more potent when it comes to the action in the tissues. When there is a surge of testosterone level in the blood, there is also an accompanied elevation in the dihydrotestosterone level. The GnRH or Gonadotropin releasing hormone in the hypothalamus regulates the testes’ production of testosterone. GnRH release commands the anterior pituitary gland to produce or to inhibit sending of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to the gonads.

The endogenous (produced naturally in the body) testosterone in males is converted to estradiol by P-450 Aromatase. Estradiol is a product of pregnenolone, and pregnenolone produces progesterone by the actions of certain enzymes and cholesterols. The conversion of testosterone to estradiol and estrone is evident in the adrenal glands. The case of estrogen and progesterone production in males differs in certain ways to that of the women’s case.

Testosterone, especially dihydrotestosterone, is responsible for normal growth and normal development of secondary sex characteristics and for the increase in muscle mass and contractility.

However, synthetic prohormones, which have agonizing effects to the estrogen and progesterone receptors, may induce side effects like water retention. The swelling of the muscle may be associated to the water retention and not by the anabolic effect of a prohormone. High estrogen levels may produce signs like fat accumulation because of elevated bad cholesterol in the blood. The elevated level of such may induce gynecomastia in the breast tissues. Testosterone precursor products, which are highly androgenic at higher doses, can make a person using them prone to having heart problems, porous bones or prostate hyperplasia.

The other side of prohormones produces benefits by their agonizing actions to the androgen receptors of the bone marrow. The stimulation of bone marrow increases the production of red blood cells.

The first generation prohormones are highly toxic to the liver. Being the case, the first generation agents have been replaced by the ones that are non-methylated and non-toxic to the liver. An example of the latest prohormone drugs is the Androtest (Cyclo-4-Androstenediol). However, this agent can still be converted to estradiol by the action of aromatase on the testosterone, so use of an anti-estrogen agent is recommended with Androtest use. Estrogen conversion hinders the effects of testosterone in muscle-building.

Nanodrol is another example of the new generation prohormone. This agent makes the conversion to estradiol extremely diminished, which makes this agent potent in increasing muscle bulk. If Nandrolone prevents the synthesis of estradiol, then chances are, there will also be fat loss. This is also highly hepatotoxic like Androtest, and suppressive of natural testosterone production. That being the case, it is recommended to comply with the PCT.